Black Bear

13bear1If it’s a big black bruin you’re after, well we have them. Black ones, brown ones, auburn ones and yes blonde ones. Black bears in Colorado have reached troublesome numbers. It’s not uncommon to see bears nearly every day on the ranch during the summer and early fall. Hunting black bears in Colorado is a unique and exciting hunt. SBO spends days in the field watching and patterning the bears that move around our hunting area. Challenging as this hunt sounds, we put in every effort to make your hunt successful. If it’s archery/muzzleloader or rifle, we are confident we can get you that shot. SBO offers a stand-alone early September bear hunt. This awesome four day hunt is by draw only.  The large numbers of black bears in our area make the odds of drawing a tag very good.  Combine a deer or elk hunt with your bear hunt and double the fun! As an Outdoor Solutions preferred outfitter book any guided Deer or Elk hunt and hunt a black bear for FREE! “Hunter is responsible for the purchase of a bear license.”

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