Elk Page1If it’s elk you want then it’s elk you must have. Northwest Colorado boasts the largest elk herd in the lower 48 states. The sheer numbers of the herd are staggering. It’s not uncommon to see numerous elk each day and in the later hunts the herds can get into the hundreds. Elk hunting with SBO has statistically been great; good shot opportunities on quality bulls. In 1985, the CDOW adopted a four point per side or better regulation on bull elk to better manage the herd. This regulation over the years has dramatically increased the quality and maturity of our bull elk herd and increased the hunter’s opportunity to harvest mature bulls. SBO elk hunters have enjoyed high shot opportunities and a better than average kill percentage. No matter what method you choose- archery, muzzleloader, or rifle Sullivan Bros Outfitting has a bull waiting for you! As an Outdoor Solutions preferred outfitter book a fully guided Deer or Elk hunt and hunt a Black Bear for FREE! “Hunter is responsible for the purchase of a bear license.”

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