Guided Hunts

The crisp fall morning drifts across your face; the gentle rustle of the leaves are telling you the hunt is on. The peace and tranquility are taking over when your guide whispers in your ear, “there he is”. Quickly you turn your gaze in the direction he’s pointing, raise your binoculars and sure enough the reality of this hunt is upon you. You focus on this beautiful creature standing supreme in the cool morning. Your heart starts racing; you may even start to shake a bit. This is big game hunting, it’s real, it’s intense and it’s a whole lot of fun! SBO specializes in safe, fun, and exciting hunts tailored to you and those in your hunting party. Conducted primarily on private land these four day hunts have everything you would expect from a big game hunt out west. We currently run guided hunts on both “The Ranch” and “Grams.”cabin 2a

“The Ranch”

  • Accommodations include a separate hunters cabin “North Camp” for you to relax and unwind. This two story log cabin has electricity, radiant heat and running water. Cell phone service at camp and all over the ranch is good; however there is no Internet other than the service provided by your cell phone carrier.
  • Guides and cooks stay in “South Camp”. This fully functioning log cabin has most of the amenities of a home; electricity, shower, comfortable seating as well as satellite TV to catch those “oh so” important fall games. Our cooks have only one job, and that is to prepare delicious meals. Plan to hunt hard, eat well and create memories of a lifetime.


  • Accommodations at this property include a trailer house for you to relax and unwind. The house has electricity, TV, radiant heat, and a full functioning bathroom and kitchen. Cell phone service at camp is relatively good, however there is no Internet other than the service provided by your cell phone carrier.
  • Cooks will arrive each day early in the morning and will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner before retiring to their homes that evening. Guides too, will arrive early in the morning and will guide from sun up to sun down before returning to their homes.

We access our various hunting areas on side by side UTV’s “no horses here”. We typically use the spot and stalk method of hunting.  This method has been very successful in this type of hunting habitat. We also use blinds and hunt water holes when the situation arises. No matter the type of equipment you choose to hunt with or which species you would like to hunt, our fully guided hunts are the way to go. All deer, elk and bear hunts during archery and muzzleloader season are guided with one hunter per guide. During rifle season, deer and elk hunts are guided with no more then two hunters per guide and most generally a 1×1 guide to hunter ratio.