Hunt Pricing

  • All guided hunts are $5900 per species per person and $8395 per person for an elk/deer combo. During the bear, archery and muzzle loader hunts we prefer two hunters per group during each season. During rifle season we require five hunters per group per season on our GMU 22 property and two hunters per group per season on our GMU 11 property. As an Outdoor Solutions preferred outfitter, book any guided hunt and hunt a black bear for FREE! “Hunter is responsible for cost of bear license.”
  • Now offering 3-day guided late season cow elk hunts for $2000 per cow elk per person.  Please inquire about details of hunt.
  • Trespass Hunt/Fish are $1495 per person and $1195 for fishing only.  During the Colorado big game season we require 4 hunters per group per season.