Mule Deer

9 Dees buck1
Western Colorado has always been known for quality Mule deer bucks. The magazine American Hunter recently published an article on the top areas to hunt trophy Mule deer in North America and over the past 10 years Colorado has had more Boone and Crockett bucks recorded than any other state. If you’re looking for a quality buck and possibly one for the books, SBO can help. We have taken numerous large bucks in our area and the scouting report this year looks good.

Mule deer tags are draw only and most hunts require a couple preference points, up to well over ten. The best chance to draw a Game Management Unit 22 buck tag is during the September archery/muzzleloader hunts. The most difficult tag to draw is in the mid November fourth season rifle buck hunt. The lucky hunter who draws this tag will get to hunt those big Muley’s in the middle of the rut. SBO does receive between five and six private land Mule deer buck voucher “tags” each year. Please inquire about these limited and very coveted tags. As a preferred Outdoor Solutions outfitter, book a fully guided Deer or Elk hunt and hunt a Black Bear for FREE! “Hunter is responsible for the purchase of a bear license.”

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